omg.taemin might have a solo debut?cool!!!

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@yesung1106Someone who wants to walk together with me~~?!  (cr)

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my fave quote

don’t change source thanks!

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was the thumb really necessary?

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kim myungsoo: actual dork

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[FAN ACCOUNT] When Henry went back inside KBS he tripped over the carpet, he bent down to fixed it so people won’t trip over it. (cr.)

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별.빛 고.마.워.요

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sometimes it’s really disturbing and definitely disgusting how SM handle their controversies.they do it so bad that i really feel bad towards their artists and the fans.and yet despite all of that,they’re still one of the big 3.

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is this the end for han siwoo?

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Due to the recent shoot accident occurred in Korean military, we are not allowed to organize the event to welcome the release. The site of release is close to the border of North-South Korea, with poor transport facilities and high danger. We don’t recommend fans to go there alone, as in case accident occurs, there would be negative impact to the individual, the family, the country, especially to Lee Teuk. Although we have the same heart to meet him eagerly, we have been watching for him for 23 months, wish we can make a complete period for his rough army career in the last day.

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