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pinky promises of an and
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i’m sorry that people did not like how i said how thankful i am as an ELF that Kyuhyun made it through.i did not even compare it to eunb’s situation coz clearly IT IS NOT THE will never be the same.but to call me disrespectful and rude bcoz i was happy that Kyuhyun is with us rn?like srsly?i’m sorry that it got people offended that i am loving the fact that kyuhyun is in mamacita,that i see kyuhyun made an effort to write a one-sentenced thanks to,that he’s slaying every bit of his part in mamacita,that he is being lil piece of sharp-tongued shit that he is.coz what if…that’s just what i’m saying.i did not mean to offend anybody,not eunb,not their fans,not ELFs and specially not Super Junior.but the thing is,what happened to eunb made us realized how life is too fragile and vulnerable sometimes.had it not been the situation,then no one will see how important their idols are.some people would be bashing the idols they hate without remorse or some of us will always take our idols lightly.but what happened to eunb and ladies’ code clearly made us see just how we should cherish our idols,how we should love them.i’m sad that something as tragic happened to the girls of ladies code and i don’t mean to be rude,i pray for eunb’s soul,i feel bad for the loved ones she left,i wish that the members who are in critical condition rn,recovers sooner.i’m sorry that i became a bit nostalgic and thought of what happened to Kyuhyun,to Shindong,to Leeteuk,to Eunhyuk,but i’m not sorry to say that i’m thankful that they are all well and with an ELF,i am thankful and happy that is just what i meant with what i said nothing again,i’m sorry to have offended some people but i mean no can judge me all you want but at the end of the day,i’m just happy that i get to meet SJ and became an ELF.

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I know. But at the same time, it made me realize how fragile human life is. Although I’m a new ELF, I cried a lot when I read about Kyu’s accident. SJ had countless accidents, and I’m so glad that they’re still alive. I dont wanna see them die.. EVER

nobody wants to see their idol die.i’ve seen videos of kyuhyun in a stretcher and being taken inside the ambulance.i’ve seen vids of leeteuk lying on the road.i’ve seen worried sj faces and that’s like a very bad thing to was horrible.and i dun want a repeat of that ever again.i hope they are always truth,i always dread those times that they have to go overseas and ride a plane.i have really worse possible scenarios in my head so i’m always thankful that they always manage to come back to korea srsly.and yeah.i hope they stay healthy and careful

my sister always asks me why sj comes up with version Bs when version A and repackaged only makes it to GDA.and my answer is always “since when did SM actually thought of the GDA when it comes to Super Junior?money has always been their TOP priority”

[IMPORTANT] ELF! Version A is the only version now GUARANTEED to count to GDA. GDA is our TOP priority, so please do your best to support!!


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I agree. When I heard about EunBi’s news, I seriously didn’t know how to react. I was so shocked! But at the same time, I was so thankful that Kyuhyun survived the car accident. I’m so thankful that Kyuhyun is alive. T^T

yes.thinking of how kyuhyun survived just makes me feel happy.maybe it’ll always be one of the things i’m most thankful about.and it’s not actually a thing to be sad’s a thing that should call for a celebration bcoz Kyu is alive and is still giving us one-sentenced thanks tos.

I tought about this too… Don’t worry…

i’m just happy.knowing what happened to eunb made me think of that past and it’s somehow became overwhelming bcoz kyuhyun barely made it’s more of me thinking what if.but let’s not go to that.i’m just so happy with what is NOW.and with that thought,i’m really thankful.

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[TRANS] @ryeong9: (yayaya).. I have no words to say ㅠ that it was released without the correct title.. In one side, I can say that it`s possible since it`s made by people, but as a singer, I am embarrassed and sorry to the buyers. We will watch out. I wish I could fix all of them to Ayayaㅠ bring them to me (how many will they be kk) (c)

*fans have pointed out that first batch of Mamacita albums have (YaYaYa) written instead of (Ayaya)

*unbaes you*

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